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Build Your Own Remote Controlled Bulldozer Kit

Bulldozer Remote Controlled 3D Mechanical Wooden Puzzle Robotics Kit
  • Remote Controled

    Omnidirectional communication from both remote and receiver allow for the operator to stand back as your creataion takes to the yard

  • Mechanical Operations

    real wooden working gears Powered by 4 motors that push real wood gears this  bulldozer is capable of much more than just driving forwards.

  • Rechargeable RC

    An Internal battery is rechargeable with a standard micro USB cord, the Remote Control requires 2 AA batteries

  • Everything Included

    All building parts are included in the package. From the necessary tools to the motors and circuit boards you'll be ready to go! (2 AA batteries for the remote control not included )

All-In-One VR ELITE No Phone Required

Universe in a Box

There’s a whole universe for you to explore. If you’re waiting to try VR, ADA offers the simplest way to get into 360° without emptying your wallet. The 2000p display plunges users into stunningly clear resolution, resulting in deeply immersive VR. 110° field of view. Versatility like this usually comes with a much higher price tag, but the ADA Elite is priced to be affordable

What people are saying about ADA Tech

Pleased with my purchase. Worth every penny. It runs on Android so it gives access to the Google Playstore and access to thousands of apps, which is super cool. Functions well, WiFi works. It has every function we need and seems reliable.

This VR synchronizes your movement simultaneously. I believe they put lots of effort on software development. It is so great for watching 360 degree movies. Must buy!

Awesome, it's easy to set up. It arrived great, and I don't have to use my phone, which is wonderful. Definitely recommend getting this.