Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

ADA is a brand driven by making new experiences more easily accessible through technology. Virtual reality is an exciting new frontier for information media, and we're excited to be a part of its infancy.

ADA is backed by UC Global Trading Inc., a multimillion-dollar international company. Our office is based in Southern California. 

Are we hiring?

We're always on the lookout for fresh, new talent in our technology, marketing, and sales departments. If that sounds like the right fit for you, and you'd like to know more, send us an email at



How long is the battery life? 

Our 3200 mAh batteries last at least 3 hours. That should be enough time for you to get through a movie or two.

Are there speakers?

Yes, our VR units are equipped with onboard speakers. There's also a 3.5 mm headphone jack if you prefer a little more privacy. 

Do I need a phone? 

No. Our units are All in One, Wi-Fi enabled headsets. You'll be able to connect to Google Play for apps and games without needing a phone or computer in tandem. And while you won't need a phone to use ADA VR, the units also come with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your phone that way if you wish.

What apps can I use?

The ADA VR is compatible with Google Play, so you'll be able to download apps there and use them on your device. Beyond that, we recommend using a remote desktop solution like Splashtop to access other compatible programs.

Is there a warranty? 

Yes, we offer free battery replacement for any battery-related issues within 30 days of purchase. Contact us with your proof of purchase within the designated time, and we'll provide you with instructions on how to proceed with the replacement.

Do we ship internationally? 

Yes, we will ship internationally for an additional charge. 

How do I take care of my ADA VR?

Your ADA VR is a delicate electronic device. Treat it like you would a tablet or camera. Don't leave it in direct sunlight, and handle it with care. When cleaning your VR, use a clean, dry, soft cloth or cotton yarn mop to wipe the device and its lens. Do not use any cleaning chemicals or agents, as this may cause your ADA VR to fade. The foam pad should not be washed as doing so will cause degradation. 

Can children use the ADA VR? 

ADA VR is not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 13. However, children using the headsets should always do so under adult supervision in a safe environment. 

Any precautions I should take with my device? 

You should use caution when operating your device and its charger. Handle it gently, and try not to expose it to any extreme temperatures. For example, don't put a battery or device in any kind of heating appliance (such as a microwave oven, oven, or radiator). Don't squeeze or puncture the device, or subject to any extreme stress. Don't leave your ADA VR out in the sun, as it can overheat and even catch fire.